Atelier Calçada do Correio Velho and Porta 14

Pedro Pacheco, 2014 (reab.)

FG+SG, fotografia de arquitectura

Open Visits

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Guided tour made by the author of the architectural project himself or by an invited specialist.

Pedro Pacheco

Maximum 30 people per visit

No reservation required; first-come, first-served

Photography allowed


In the course of the renovation of this former shop/storeroom, now an architectural studio, an inscription was discovered: “Goods were placed here for the first time on 10 July 1799, signed T.C.” it reads. Part of the history of the rebuilding of Lisbon after the earthquake in 1755 is inscribed on the foundations of Pombaline buildings such as this one. The space is a testament to the solidity of those foundations, and the remodelling and restoration project sought to emphasise those qualities – highlighting the clarity of the space and construction. Sharing the same space, and visible from a shop window onto the street, is Porta 14, a project that showcases works of art and architecture.


Calçada do Correio Velho 10-14

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