Chemistry Laboratory – MUHNAC

Pierre-Joseph Pézerrat, 1857

Adelino Nunes, 1940



Guided tour made by the author of the architectural project himself or by an invited specialist.

Maria do Carmo Elvas

Maximum 25 people per visit

No reservation required; first-come, first-served

Photography allowed


This building is a rare example of the large-scale teaching and research laboratories belonging to European universities. Thanks to its monumentality, functionality and elegance, the Laboratory space offers the visitor a unique ambience that recalls past glories. Although it no longer functions as a laboratory, visitors to the space have the opportunity to experience its original purpose. On this particular visit the focus will be on the teaching of chemistry and the scientific instruments used in the 19th century.


Rua da Escola Politécnica, 54; Ponto de encontro: átrio do Museu de História Natural e da Ciência

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Public Transport

Bus: 758, 773

Subway: Rato (Linha Amarela)