MAAT - Central Tejo

Vieillard e Touzet, 1908

vários autores,1951

Centro Documentação Fundação EDP


Guided tour made by the author of the architectural project himself or by an invited specialist.

12h00, 15h00 - Percurso Monumental; 18h00 - Percurso Secreto

Maximum 25 people per visit

No reservation required; first-come, first-served

Photography allowed


A unique building in the context of the architectural heritage of Lisbon, the Central Tejo power plant is one of the most beautiful examples of early 20th-century industrial architecture in Portugal. Its structure adopted the iron architectural style common in Western Europe at the time, and was given a solid brick cladding, which configures and decorates the façade in artistic styles ranging from Art Nouveau to Classicism. Today it is a museum that documents the history of electricity, with its original machinery totally intact. It also serves as a large exhibition space linked to its new neighbouring building.


Av. Brasília, Central Tejo

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Public Transport

Bus: 15E, 714, 727, 728, 729, 751

Train: Belém (Linha de Cascais)

Boat: Belém